East London Employers

The Good Growth Hub works with like-minded employers from Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest to support their growth as diverse and progressive enterprises.    

It’s the Good Growth Hub’s ambition to be an example of dynamic and inclusive working practice and help local businesses who want to do the same. We work with employers who share our passion for making the workplace more accessible and the workforce more diverse: we want to see local people with a range of perspectives, experiences and backgrounds accessing employment opportunities. Those that partner can draw from a pool of young creative talent right at their fingertips that they themselves helped to nurture. This proves incredibly rewarding not just for employers but for their businesses, offering a whole host of accessibility, opportunity and economic benefits.  

We see our work with employers as collaborative. We welcome new ideas and projects that we can co-design with businesses, tapping into your wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. There are a number of ways to get involved in the Good Growth Hub and we are constantly adding to the list…

  • You can take part in our award-winning traineeship programme, STEP, where young people are given the tools, resources and mentorship over the course of twelve months to produce a collaborative project.
  • You can join Flipside, our six-month Digital Product Design traineeship that we deliver with leading digital design agencies. 

The Good Growth Hub supports young people and businesses alike, lending a hand at every step of the journey. Employers have access to advice on apprenticeships and paid internships, including how to gain accreditation. We offer employee training that includes workplace wellbeing, skills and progression for your team, help with diversity and recruitment best practice, how to foster disability confidence at work and how to manage your environmental impact. 

Everything we do is about creating a healthy, productive and prosperous local community, or what we call Inclusive Good Growth. If that’s something you want to get involved in, we’d love to hear from you. 

Hire the space

The Good Growth Hub is all about serving the community which means our space is your space. We have three rooms that are available for hire.

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